Streaming vs Vinyl: A Dive into Audio Quality

The evolution of music consumption in the past decades has drastically changed the way we listen to our favorite tunes. Whether it's swaying to a timeless vinyl record or simply tapping on your device for streaming services, each medium offers a unique experience. The age-old debate between Streaming vs Vinyl revolves around audio quality, accessibility, personal preference and nostalgic value. A profound dive into this topic reveals intriguing facts about both platforms that could change your perspective towards them. This article aims to dissect these two mediums comparing their audio quali... Read

Reviving the Lost Art of Analog Recording

In a digital world, the allure of analog recording continues to captivate many. The warmth and richness that are characteristic of this lost art form remain unattainable by even the most advanced modern technologies. As music enthusiasts rediscover vintage sounds, there's an escalating interest in reviving the long-lost techniques associated with analog recording. Understanding its history, appreciating its unique features, exploring methods for its revival, and recognising potential challenges could be quintessential in keeping this valuable art alive. Are you ready to delve into it? Underst... Read